sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Posiciones Liga Regular NBA 2007/08.

Conferencia Este
1.-Boston 66-16
2.-Detroit 59-23
3.-Orlando 52-30
4.-Cleveland 45-37
5.-Washington 43-39
6.-Toronto 41-41
7.-Philadelphia 40-42
8.-Atlanta 37-45 -

Conferencia Oeste
1.-LA Lakers 57-25
2.-New Orleans 56-26
3.-San Antonio 56-26
4.-Utah 54-28
5.-Houston 55-27
6.-Phoenix 55-27
7-Dallas 51-31
8.-Denver 50-32
Play Offs.

Boston vs. Atlanta VS Cleveland vs. Washington.
Detroit vs. Philadelphia VS Orlando vs. Toronto.
Lakers vs. Denver VS Utah vs. Houston.
New Orleands vs. Dallas VS San Antonio vs. Phoenix.

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